What is a Ready Made Website?

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There are loads of different terms out there on the internet referring to ready made websites; prebuilt websites, ready to go websites, website templates and themes are also used.

Ready Made Websites are a lower priced option for those needing a website for their business or wanting a new website without the custom web design price tag.

Basically, a Ready Made Website is a website that is already done for you. Usually, they use platforms like Wordpress, Squarespace or Showit making them easy and quick to install and customise.

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These ‘Do It Yourself’ websites make it possible to have a professional website that you can tweak to ‘fit’ your business without having to be technically or design minded.

Who are Ready Made Websites for?

My Ready Made Websites can be used by anyone for any business, although I did create them with women starting a business in mind.

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They are great as a starting foundation and for those who are in their first year of business. When you are just starting out and ‘testing the waters’ you don’t necessarily know what you want, need or even the direction your business will ultimately take.

The advantages of my Ready Made Websites


No wasted time & frustration

Time and overwhelm is a massive one. Trying to build your website from scratch can be a huge time suck. The overwhelm of where to start, what to include and how to make it look professional and be mobile friendly can be a real headache. All this is done for you with a Ready Made Website.


Strategy and conversion built in

A website is never just about how it looks, if you want your website to generate leads, encourage visitors to buy your products/book your services, then strategy is key. My Ready Made Websites are intentionally designed to help get your business leads and make money.


Cost effective

If your budget is tight or it’s too early in your business to invest in a custom designed website, my Ready Made Websites are the perfect balance, they’re affordable and you get my 10+ years knowledge as a web designer poured into them. It’s a win-win!

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Sarah x

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